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Drag The Bar is a full featured poker training site. We offer a wide variety of poker training resources including poker videos, coaches’ blogs, and much more. Whether you play live poker or online poker, low stakes, mid stakes or high stakes poker, we will help you learn to win with our poker training videos. Our videos are among the best available in online poker training including winning strategies at No-Limit Hold’em, Omaha, multi-table tournaments and sit n’ go tournaments. Our poker instructors are professional poker players who have years of experience and have played millions of hands. They will teach you poker training strategies that will help you improve your game.

Poker training videos are a very effective way to improve your poker strategies. Have you won in live poker but broken even in online poker? Our poker coaches are experts at explaining their thought processes and can help you beat the online game. After you watch one of their online poker training videos, our professional poker coaches are available in our poker forums to answer your questions about their poker training strategies. We work very hard to ensure that our poker learning videos are only of the highest quality and are produced by top poker players. Try one of our poker videos today for free along with our other poker training resources and see what we can do for your poker game.

We do not charge a sign-up fee and our poker videos are DRM-Free. Drag The Bar should be where you come for your poker training strategies, watch all your poker videos and discuss your hand histories. We work hard to make sure that our extensive poker training resources are the best around.