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Suggestion if you are having trouble viewing videos

  • Update your flash player: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/
  • Update your web browser to the latest version:
  • Try a different web browser, we recommend Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome:
  • Try clearing your cache and cookies. follow these instructions
  • If you are at work behind a company firewall, your bandwidth for non-work related websites may be extremely limited, which would disable your ability to view or download our videos while at work.
  • Check your personal firewall settings, some firewalls don't allow downloads from websites.
  • Stop doing other activities that require lots of bandwidth, this includes finishing or cancelling other downloads first, watching other streaming videos, or using a download manager program.
  • Be sure you only attempt to download one DragTheBar.com video at a time.
  • Try running a free spyware program to check for spyware or malware. Spyware can cause your browser to malfunction which could result in our videos stopping while playing or downloading.
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