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Win a Tournament 2: Robertie versus Rhodes, Game 2

Bill Robertie

Drag the Bar Coach

Bill Robertie << read more about this coach >>

Published on Apr 26, 11

In this episode, I'll take a look at Game 2 of the finals match in the Main Event, a long game which set the tone for the whole match. Rhodes took an early lead in the game with a timely set of double-aces, which pinned down my back men. She then offered an aggressive double, which I took because her home board wasn't yet strong enough to prevent me from trying to escape. After a few moves I threw my own set of double-aces, which turned the tide and gave me both a blocking position and a lead in the race. I eventually redoubled to 4, but she took and was able to secure an anchor that gave me real problems coming home. I finally had to leave a couple of shots, but when she missed I was able to lock in a 5-0 lead and force her to play catch-up.



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