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Virtual SNG Lessons - Beginner 3handed Play

Greg Jones - aka "zerosum79"

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Greg Jones - aka "zerosum79" << read more about this coach >>

Published on May 20, 13

In this video I cover how a beginning player should tackle playing three handed. In some ways the risk is significantly reduced from the bubble as you have already locked in an "in the money finish." Also playing aggressively is very important three handed to get a big chip lead for heads up play. However, there are still many instances where the three handed game is very similar to the bubble. In this video I present analytical data showing how the three handed strategy changes with the increasing blind levels and then present an easy to understand strategy for when you can play three handed using your old PBJ chart and when it is necessary to adjust to a more bubble based approach. I then walk through hands at different blind levels showing how the two approaches differ and when each is necessary. If you are getting into the money a lot but struggling to get the optimal win distribution of 1st>3rd>2nd place and a high ROI, you don't need a 1-on-1 coach, you just need this video!

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