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Heads Up vs. BaoGao (2-Table Match): Part 4

Hunter Bick - aka "BeachJustice"

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Hunter Bick - aka "BeachJustice" << read more about this coach >>

Published on Jul 15, 11

Part 4 kicks off with a few big hands. The biggest theme of this video is that BaoGao was not attacking me very much. He was frequently checking back the flop in position with air instead of c-betting, and he was really only putting in action when he wanted me to call. Its interesting because I had backed off my aggression somewhat, but he did not increase his. I spend a lot of time talking about the implications of that, what it means for the individual hands I played, but also what it means for my overall game plan in the match. The other really important lesson is this video is the importance of planning the hand once you see the flop, especially when you are out of position. I caught my opponent calling dangerous flops with just Ace-high without a plan for the turn and the river. Its critical to never just make a call on the flop without thinking about how the hand will play out on the turn and river, that can be a big leak, especially for players not used to heads up play. I talk about why this is such a big mistake and how to punish it when you see it in your opponents.

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