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Using the Doubling Cube 6: Priming Game Doubles

Bill Robertie

Drag the Bar Coach

Bill Robertie << read more about this coach >>

Published on Oct 20, 10

A prime is just backgammon terminology for a block of several points in a row. Games where one or both sides have a prime are very tricky, and in this video I’ll show you some examples and give you some rules that will help you with both cube actions and checker plays. We’ll look at sample positions for all three types of priming games: one-way primes, where one side has a prime and the other doesn’t; prime against prime, where both sides have primes; and prime against bar games, where one side has a prime but he’s stuck on the bar with one or two checkers. By the time we’ve finished this video, you’ll have a good idea of both when to double and when to take in these positions.




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