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Tournament Structures and Game 1

Bill Robertie

Drag the Bar Coach

Bill Robertie << read more about this coach >>

Published on Apr 03, 11

In this first episode, I'll look at the structure of a typical tournament, specifically how the Main Event is organized and what other events are usually available. If you go to a tournament, you don't only want to play in the Main Event, because you'll be passing up some opportunities to get valuable practice. But if you play too many events, you can get into scheduling problems and find yourself overwhelmed with matches. I'll give you some tips on the different types of events you'll see, which ones could be most profitable, and where you can get practice against strong players at a cheap price. In the last part of the video, I'll cover Game 1 of the Championship match, where after a little back-and-forth I moved out to a 1-0 lead.




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