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The Micros to the Majors: Part 5

Paul Hoppe - aka "GiantBuddha"

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Paul Hoppe - aka "GiantBuddha" << read more about this coach >>

Published on Feb 19, 14

In this final installment of Nickels and Dimes, I talk about Mickey Mouse, Darth Vader, sample sizes and confidence intervals. Instead of reviewing specific hands, I look at my stats over different sections of my graph and attempt to suss out why my red line flat-lined for 13k hands. Unfortunately, I fail to come to any definitive conclusions, but life is all about the journey. So is learning poker. I also talk about knowing when it's time to move up. This last bit is somewhere around 55 minutes in. Earlier in the video I talk about my general impressions of $.05/$.10 NL in New Jersey, which are probably some of the best games on Earth.

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