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Static 1: Open-Raising

Paul Hoppe - aka "GiantBuddha"

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Paul Hoppe - aka "GiantBuddha" << read more about this coach >>

Published on Apr 18, 11

In the first video of this first series of the Limit Holdem curriculum, I introduce the concept of static preflop play, then go through the specifics of how to put it into action. If you want the cliff notes, here is the opening chart that I use in this video: LJ: 55, AT, KJ, QJ, A7s, K9s, Q9s, J9s, T9s HJ: 44, A8, KT, QT, A4s, K7s, Q9s, J9s, T8s, 98s CO: 33, A5, K9, Q9, JT, A2s, K5s, Q8s, J8s, T8s, 97s, 87s, 76s BTN: 22, A2, K7, Q8, J9, T8, 98, 87, A2s, K2s, Q5s, J7s, T7s, 96s, 86s, 75s, 65s SB: 22, A2, K2, Q6, J7, T7, 97, 86, 75, A2s, K2s, Q2s, J2s, T4s, 96s, 85s, 75s, 65s

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