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Setting and Achieving Goals

Greg Jones - aka "zerosum79"

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Greg Jones - aka "zerosum79" << read more about this coach >>

Published on Jun 16, 14

In 1979 Harvard business students were asked whether or not they had written goals. Only 3% did. However, 10 years later that same group was interviewed again and the result was astounding. The 3% with written goals were earning 10 times the amount of the other 97% COMBINED! In this video I discuss effectively setting written goals. This is a topic that in my opinion is universally applicable to any poker player and an important skill in achieving both internal and external wealth. I spend time talking about why goal setting is daunting, why you may have previously failed to follow through on your goals, and then systematically lay out a 12 step process that if followed, will ensure 100% success.

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