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Rush Week: Part 2

Owen Gaines - aka "QTip" and "MamaCoolJ"

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Owen Gaines - aka "QTip" and "MamaCoolJ" << read more about this coach >>

Published on Dec 03, 10

I go over day 3 and 4 of Full Tilt Poker's Rush Week. It was a pretty swingy two days but ended up at a nice winning clip. I again choose about 8 hands to review. I start with talking about the preflop aggression in the Rush 2/4 game and how players are adjusting and how I can counter-adjust. I show some spots with light preflop shoves and calls and a few different lines. We also get to see even some tighter players start paying me off after they've seen me throw some chips around a bit. Then I discuss the power of fold equity with some semi-bluff shoves and give a handy spreadsheet for your review. For those of you looking to sharpen your poker analysis skills, I put in a small assignment to figure out how wide a player must call given a preflop shove I make with KTo.

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