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Member Videos How-to Part 2: Converting the Video (MP4)

By: hunter bick

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Drag the Bar Coach

By: hunter bick

Published on May 05, 2011

Member Video FAQ Here: http://www.dragthebar.com/poker-forums/forumdisplay.php/41-Member-Videos The second thing you need to do after recording your video is convert it. This will show you how to convert it into an MP4 video file. Its a very easy process and will only take a couple of minutes before you'll be ready to upload your video to DragTheBar. MP4 videos will stream, but they require the full video to be loaded before they will play. However, they are the most versatile file for downloading. Part 2 of the How-to series will show you what program to use and how to set it up. -Download Any Video Converter- settings: MP4 video -Video codec = x264 -Frame Size = 1280x720 -Video Bitrate = 768 -Video Framerate = 25 -Audio Codec = AAC -Audio Bitrate = 128 -Sample Rate = 44100 -Audio Channel = 1


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