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Math and Music of Light 3-Bets & 4-Bets in MTTs

Adam Sherman - aka "Squee451" (Inactive)

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Adam Sherman - aka "Squee451" (Inactive) << read more about this coach >>

Published on Nov 14, 10

This video discusses the math behind when to light 3-Bet and 4-Bet and shows when it is most profitable to do so, and when doing so is probably a mistake. This video shows how to determine how profitable a light re-raise is, as well as the break-even equation to determine just how often somebody has to fold to make it worthwhile. It starts with a powerpoint presentation and goes over two hand examples showing why I think people need to be making light bluffs as 3-Bets and 4-Bets against aggressive smart players, and what their image should be.




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