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Mass Tabling Madness Part 1

Nathan Williams - aka "Blackrain79"

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Nathan Williams - aka "Blackrain79" << read more about this coach >>

Published on Apr 12, 13

In this two part video series I attempt to play as many tables of NL2 full ring as Pokerstars will allow me to. Mercifully it is still only 24. I don't use any software aids aside from a table moving script. I attempt to explain my actions throughout as well which definitely adds to the difficulty. Mass multi tabling is not for everyone. I don't even do it much anymore. And I will probably never make any videos like these again because obviously the instructional value will suffer. I do think that mass multi tabling still offers the highest hourly expectation for the majority of serious grinders out there however especially when rakeback is factored in. Hopefully these two videos can provide some tips and ideas for anyone wanting to try the mass volume approach.

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