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Making the Most of Poker in America- $500 freezeout win pt 6

Jeremy Menard - aka "Chipsteela" and "EndlessJ"

Drag the Bar Coach

Jeremy Menard - aka "Chipsteela" and "EndlessJ" << read more about this coach >>

Published on Nov 22, 13

In the last video of this series I will focus my analysis on short handed play as we aim to accomplish victory. I will discuss using the big stack as leverage against your opponents to grind down their stacks and avoid high variance confrontations whenever possible. This video is an all out battle involving lots of 3-betting light, lots of post flop bluffs, and just balls to the wall aggression. If you are constantly making deep runs but you can't quite close tourneys out as much as you would like this video should open your eyes and help you get over that hump.




Stakes: $530

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