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Live at Full Tilt Poker - Profitable Spots with BeachJustice (Part 1)

Hunter Bick - aka "BeachJustice"

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Hunter Bick - aka "BeachJustice" << read more about this coach >>

Published on Dec 14, 10

Part 1 starts off with 2 very good tables at the Full Tilt Poker $1/$2 game. Each table consists of a couple strong players and a couple recreational players. I begin with my discussion of some important adjustments to make to counter the increased prominence of double and triple barrel bluffing in today's games. That discussion continues throughout the series, but the gist of it is that you need to be less inclined to call down with weak bluff catching hands, and should instead be looking to bluff with them. This prevents very difficult spots that add up to minus EV guessing games. A couple things happen that got me talking about why its so important to keep playing after a weak player leaves the game. The reason is simple, casual players don't get on waiting lists, they grab an empty seat, a seat that strong regulars will ignore since they don't see any soft spots. So by playing a little bit with regulars at games with empty seats, you're at a table that will very possibly see a weak player in the near future. My point is made for me when this exact scenario happens as I'm discussing this concept. There are definitely some big hands as well, one of them involves me attempting to triple barrel a weak opponent, and another one is a 3-bet pot against a regular where I call on the button with KQo, and call down on a Q55xx board. Including is some discussion of board textures, why they contributed to the lines I took in each hand.

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