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Kyorugi 2

Paul Hoppe - aka "GiantBuddha"

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Paul Hoppe - aka "GiantBuddha" << read more about this coach >>

Published on Feb 25, 11

Welcome to Kyorugi 2, the second installment in my heads up series, where I continue to review my sessions while waxing philosophical on the nature of one-on-one poker. I break the game down into 2 easy steps: 1) Identify holes in your opponent's game 2) Exploit those holes Truth be told, that's poker right there. But it's also the essence of game selection at Heads Up Limit Holdem, which is the key to making money at the game. In addition to reviewing the beginning of a long session of $5/$10, I emphasize the power of larceny in a graphical fashion. But don't steal any jewels or crack. Just pots.

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