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Paul Hoppe - aka "GiantBuddha" << read more about this coach >>

Published on Jan 21, 11

I review a session I played heads up against a reasonable opponent. I talk about the play of individual hands, how to think about playing an entire range on a particular board, and how to look for patterns in an opponent's game. A bit of philosophy I briefly mention but don't expound on: You'll hear a lot of players and coaches refer to heads up games as matches. I prefer to call them sessions. Not only is the term 'match' misleading - there is no preset number of hands to be played or bets to be played for - but it also encourages you to fall victim to the biggest downfall in heads up: macho tilt. It's easy to develop an attitude of macho aggression while playing heads up. Many players take their results very personally. But pride and results-oriented thinking can be great inhibitors to level-headed thinking. There is only your opponent's range and how he (or she) will play it. And you are nothing more than a strategy applied to a range yourself. So leave your ego at the door and step into the ring.

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