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Heads Up vs. BaoGao (2-Table Match): Part 1

Hunter Bick - aka "BeachJustice"

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Hunter Bick - aka "BeachJustice" << read more about this coach >>

Published on Jun 01, 11

Part 1 of an interesting and very aggressive 2-table heads up match vs. "BaoGao" on BlackChip Poker. I'm expecting this to be a long series as the match was over 1,000 hand, so part 1 lays the groundwork in terms of my assumptions going into the match, and what I can learn from his early plays in the match. He shows a hand that looked overly fancy to me, and I go into detail about what that reveals about his thought process, and why he gave up value with that play. I was c-betting and 2-barreling a ton, and he started fighting back with checkraises, although it was evident he was doing it too much and polarizing his checkraising range too drastically, so I picked a good spot to fight back with a big bluff. Lastly, I talk about the importance of always leaving the door open for the possibility that your opponent is a really good player. If you see a hand you think he played badly, don't let that blind you to well-played hands later, because then you'll be handcuffing yourself instead of making the correct adjustments needed to win. This concept becomes more important later in the series and is a big mistake my opponent makes in the match.

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