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Great Games 7: Ring versus Senkiewicz, start

Bill Robertie

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Published on Mar 13, 11

The last game of our series will be another two-part feature: a game between Howard Ring and Mike Senkiewicz, played in the Consolation of World Cup 2. Howard Ring was a terrific player from Chicago who capped his career by winning World Cup 6 in 1998. Mike Senkiewicz is one of backgammon's all-time greats, with countless tournament wins scattered over an almost 40-year career. This game remained balanced for a long time, as both players started out with a lot of men sent back, but neither side was able to build points and establish control. Ring seemed to take the lead when he began to build some outside point, but Senk came back with a couple of terrific small doubles that finally allowed him to establish a clear edge.



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