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Great Games 6: Woolsey versus Goulding, finish

Bill Robertie

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Published on Feb 26, 11

In Episode 6, I'll describe the finish of the game we started in Episode 5, where Kit Woolsey established a massive back game, but at the cost of losing some of the high points in his home board. Kent Goulding built a prime, but one that lasted only a couple of moves before he had to start dismantling it. Goulding showed great technique in volunteering some shots in order to take down points that would otherwise be hard to clear. In the end, Goulding got all his checkers home, but Woolsey was well under way to rebuilding his home board. Finally, Woolsey built a perfect board and was rewarded with a last-ditch shot which he managed to hit. With Goulding now closed out, the game entered a long technical phase which I explain in detail. Eventually Woolsey was able to redouble to 4, and the game was decided in a race to the finish.




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