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Great Games 5: Woolsey versus Goulding, start

Bill Robertie

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Bill Robertie << read more about this coach >>

Published on Feb 07, 11

Episode 5 shows the start of a terrific battle between Kit Woolsey and Kent Goulding, two of backgammon's best players and writers. In the early stages, Woolsey provokes a real fight by aggressively slotting points. Goulding is able to hit some blots, but Woolsey keeps making key points in Goulding's home board, giving himself the option to go forward or backward. When Goulding passes up a chance to create a solid outside prime, Woolsey is able to keep his checkers recirculating. Goulding turns the cube aggressively, and Woolsey has an easy take, but Goulding finally makes his prime with a great shot of double-aces, after which Woolsey's home board starts to crack.




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