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Every Day I'm Hustling: Low Stakes MTT HH Review Part 1

Katie Dozier - aka "hotjenny314"

Drag the Bar Coach

Katie Dozier - aka "hotjenny314" << read more about this coach >>

Published on Dec 22, 11

In this two part series, Katie walks us through a beginning student's $5 MTT and also talks about mistakes she used to make when she was a beginning player at the low stakes. She draws parallels from this hand history to a recent $1k live tournament she played, and talks about how lessons she learned at the low stakes influence how she plays live high buy-in events now. Key concepts discussed include: implied odds, reverse implied odds, hand ranges, HUD usage, raising over limps, stack to pot ratio, adjusting for the ante, 3xing versus 2.5xing, immediate profit, live reads, bluff catchers, playing creatively, and shoving versus raise/calling.




Stakes: $5r

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