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Drilling the Ranks Part 2: E-4 KOSlamArtist

Owen Gaines - aka "QTip" and "MamaCoolJ"

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Owen Gaines - aka "QTip" and "MamaCoolJ" << read more about this coach >>

Published on Aug 12, 10

KOSlamArtist and I review a video session he played. He's been grinding a ton of hands at micro stakes 6-max NLHE with marginal results. He approached me for coaching to get a fresh perspective on his strategy. Within 15 minutes, a key theme developed as we reviewed his videos. The theme is the cornerstone for crushing the micros. It's value-betting. It's a big step to get out of the thinking "big pots for big hands" and be able to extract value with what are normally consider more static, marginal hands. However, we try to define what a marginal hand or strong hand is based on our assumptions regarding our opponent's strategy. Here I've sliced up the session to highlight a few of the spots he and I discussed.

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