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Bringing Justice to $50 NL: Part 1

Hunter Bick - aka "BeachJustice"

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Hunter Bick - aka "BeachJustice" << read more about this coach >>

Published on Oct 06, 11

Part 1 of a new $.25/$.50 NL live play series. Its the beginning of the NFL season in the US, and that means that the sports bettors are back at the tables on the Merge Network. So we have some very loose players to contend with, but also some tough regulars. Therefore I had to stay dynamic and adjust my play quickly depending on who I was in the pot with. One TAG to my left was a very frequent 3-bettor, so I discussed some ways to deal with rampant 3-bettors and combat it in creative ways when forced to play them out of position. Let me know what you guys think, click the "discuss this video" button to ask any questions or leave feedback.

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