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Assorted Games: The "Crazy" Things I Do: Part 1

Cody Kaiser - aka "Bwammo" (Inactive)

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Cody Kaiser - aka "Bwammo" (Inactive) << read more about this coach >>

Published on Dec 18, 10

This video contains hands from 90 man SNGs, MTTs, and 9 man turbo games. I've been collecting amusing/interesting hands for a few months and I felt it was time to bring them to the people. In this video you'll see me abusing all sorts of situations; probably my favorite is a Q6s hand where the final result is an open shove on the river with Q high on an A board. My goal in this video is to walk you all through my thought processes on how I break down hands, and hopefully shed light on a few deceptively +ev spots.

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