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$1/$2 NL Heads-Up on Black Chip Poker: Part 3

James Davis - aka "JamesD282" and "hellopuppy"

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James Davis - aka "JamesD282" and "hellopuppy" << read more about this coach >>

Published on Nov 09, 11

In this series of videos, I tackle a few different "regulars" at HU 1/2 and .5/1 on black chip. As the series progresses, you will notice how differently I play based on the "state of the match." The first opponent takes control and bludgeons me, but I am able to get into a great groove against all of the other opponents. I discuss a ton of the psychological aspects of HU play, including not letting your opponent back in when he's down, keeping up aggression after you've been caught bluffing, and more. Fair warning: I definitely play better as the videos go along and I get my sea legs!

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