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My poker playing career began as a graduate student pursuing his PhD in Electrical Engineering. Graduate school in a complex degree can be stressful and monotonous in the extreme, so one night when a friend invited me to play poker at a local home game I was thrilled for the excuse to blow off homework. As a career student my first thought was, "I need to go get a book and learn how this game works." Although the first book I got was worthless, the second book I read was Sklansky's "Theory of Poker." I quickly found 2+2 publishing on line and when our weekly games petered out I was already looking into online play.

My one and only out of pocket deposit was $100 on Paradise Poker. I got the famous $100 matching bonus and I was off to the races clearing it at LHE. Rinse and repeat at Party Poker. I dabbled in SNG's but was convinced that playing NLHE was the ticket to greatness. Post UIGEA I moved over to Full Tilt and Stars and but when the regulations were about to go into place I cashed out the majority of my roll, convinced I was done with online poker forever. I had graduated with my PhD and was working in a postdoctoral research fellowship at the US Naval Research Lab. My plan in life had always been to get a job, start investing in Real Estate, then retire early once the Real Estate business took off.

Then, a life changing event occurred. 2+2 published the book SNG Strategy by Collin Moshman. Although I was barely involved with tournament poker I bought the book on a whim because I was already preordering NLTAP. This book got me excited about SNG's in a major way! I kept thinking, this is something I can do! I joined a video coaching site where Collin was coaching and soon after, I won a contest where I got 1-on-1 coaching with Collin. Collin became a mentor and has basically taught me everything I know about SNG's. Collin even gave me my first kick start into coaching, as he said that there was a market for low stakes SNG coaches not being filled.

One of the reasons I initially pursued a PhD was that I was interested in the aspect of teaching. I have a knack for being able to break down complex topics into easily digestible information. Based on my growth as a SNG player I now realize what elements have changed my game from modest low ROI enthusiast to high ROI beast at the low limits. It is my hope to take this unique experience and help members of Drag the Bar make that transition as well.

I currently still hold a day job, because my day job is too cool to give up, therefore my volume is low. However, my coaching results speak for themselves. I have taken several dozen break even and losing players and gotten them crushing the low stakes games. Many of my students are becoming feared volume players at the $6 and $12 levels.
By producing videos for Drag the bar I look forward to reaching a wider audience with my coaching. I think you will see that in many ways my content is unique. My students tell me that when they see how I break down SNG's they usually have many "ah haaaa" moments where by the content becomes easy to understand. I have already pioneered a concept about SNG's that I have never seen discussed called Pivot Points that will revolutionize the way you think about SNG and tournament poker.

Greg Jones lives in the Washington DC area, is married, and is the proud father of a baby girl named Gabriella. In addition to instructing on DTB, he is the owner of the strategy blog zerosumpoker.com and currently is a Team Moshman instructor at collinmoshman.com.

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