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Gareth Allen - aka "sledghammer"

Poker Coach –

While studying statistics at Cal - Poly San Luis Obispo in 2004, a
colleague gave me David Sklansky's Theory of Poker and Texas Hold'em
for Advanced Players and taught me to beat the micro-stakes games on I immediately began winning at $.50/$1, and gradually
moved up through the limits to $15/$30. Although I didn't know it, I
was a terrible Limit Hold'em player. After what I thought was a bad
stretch of cards I moved to Sit & Goes and multi-table tournaments.
Through tournaments I patched many of the holes in my poker knowledge
and prepared for my eventual success at 6-max Limit Hold'em.

After two years of tournaments, I moved back to Limit Hold'em in 2008.
I studied some of the latest literature, and combined with 2 years'
worth of tilt-control that only tournaments can teach, I began winning
at $2/$4 and $3/$6, gradually loosening up as I improved. By the end
of 2009 I had shifted from $2/$4 to $5/$10 up to $3/$6 to $15/$30.
These days I can be found mostly at the $5/$10 on PokerStars, still
game selecting as hard as ever.

Aside from online, I've played plenty of live cash games, and a few
tournaments. I was a regular at Central Coast Casino in Pismo Beach
while in college. I've also played tournaments at Chumash Casino in
Santa Barbara, the Bellagio, and the Venetian.

I've always had a love for teaching people new skills. Not only is it
rewarding seeing your work have a positive effect on someone, but I
relish the challenge of relating concepts in an efficient or creative
way. I hope to bring fresh ideas to the coaching video market, and I'm
happy to have the resources of DragTheBar to work on some innovative

There are many ways to increase your edge over your opponents besides
"how to play JTo in the cutoff," and I can see that DTB and the
subscribers appreciate that. I hope to contribute to making DTB the
home for the most advanced and complete poker training on the market.

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