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Three years ago, I found myself living in my parents' house, flat broke. After the break-up of my full-time band (yet another 'near miss' story) I needed to make some money or go work in the local Spar. Fortunately, I had $75 in a long-forgotten Pacific Poker account. After a summer of reading Harrington, grinding the $5 20-man Turbos (a goldmine back then!) and binking a couple of MTTs, I made the switch to Full Tilt 6-Max Turbo Sit & Goes.

Poker brought me money and motivation, both of which I had been sorely lacking. I moved out; went back to university to complete my final year (having been on a three-year hiatus while touring full-time) and now have an MA in English Literature. I finished 2010 ranked #7 on the Sharkscope midstakes 6-max Turbo leaderboard and joined Team Moshman as a coach. The support and encouragement of the Team Moshman family has been a major help and resource for me, and I have talked strategy with some of the best minds in SNG poker.

My article on 6-max SNG bubble play will be the lead feature in Poker Player Magazine's Strategy section (out August 2011), and hopefully my love of coaching and writing will help make for some entertaining and informative videos. It is a pleasure to be associated with DragTheBar, and I look forward to getting to know the community.

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