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Al McClenahan - aka "md261"

Poker Coach –

Al has one of the highest SNG ROI's on PokerStars and has thousands of hours of poker coaching under his belt. In 2011, he was in the top 15 on six different PokerStars SNG leaderboards. His specialties are 6-max turbos and HU SNGs and he'll be a fantastic addition to our Sit & Go team.

In his words:

"I was exactly the wrong kind of person to be a professional poker player. I had no discipline, I viewed the game as a personal war against my opponents and I had so little understanding of variance that I thought my username should be "MR.RUNBAD 24/7"

When done right, poker is the best job in the world: no dress code, no boss, no commute, a flexible schedule and a huge pay packet. To get to the promised land, I took an extremely professional approach - to poker and to myself. This process began seven years ago, and continues to this day.

I benefit (or suffer) from a very analytical mind. The reasons other professionals would offer for why they made certain plays never satisfied me. The only way I could have confidence in my game was to spend hundreds of hours doing Equity calculations, range analysis and comparing possible moves to determine the most profitable. I aim to share all I have learnt in my videos.

My SnG results led to many other pros asking me for coaching. In 2008 I started the coaching/staking company 6maxcoaching LTD. Since then I have started another business where established top-level pros give a profit share in exchange for regular coaching in their on-table play, mentality and approach to poker."

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