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Hey guys, I'm really excited to get started coaching here at DragTheBar. I'm going to give you a brief description of what I'm like and how I found poker. I play SNG's on Pokerstars and have had some great success, running at a 46% ROI across all forms of SNGs. I spend a lot of time dissecting the game and really trying to break boundaries that haven't been broken before. Understanding how the game evolves and the different trends that develop allows me to constantly change my play style to crush opponents.

I grew up in Orange County, California. When I was younger, I focused a lot of my attention to things outside of school. I always overloaded my schedule with sports, games, and friends. Whether it was soccer, snowboarding, or anything else, I loved competitive intellectual games. Growing up, I played a ton of chess when I had some down time. I remember going to Central Park, New York when I was twelve and playing fast paced timed games with the regulars. Afterward, I immersed myself into competitive multiplayer video games such as Halo. Currently, I am a Sig-Ep studying Finance and Economics at the University of Oregon and living in Eugene.

Less than 2 years ago, I challenged myself to read a full Harrington on Hold'em book over my winter break. I clicked with the material immediately and never looked back. Since then I have studied the game using media, coaching, math, game thoery, and financial models to improve my game.

I really hope I can open your eyes and show you how to think differently about the game while I am here at DTB. I want to give you guys the tools to elevate your game and dominate SNG's online.
Please give me tons of feedback, so I can improve my game and coaching ability as well.

If anyone would like to arrange a coaching session or contact me for any reason, please feel free to pm me in the forum at Boardrider68.

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