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Paul Ratchford - aka "Vulcans"

Poker Coach – Paul Ratchford

I started playing poker in the summer of 2003 during my freshman year in college. After my brother introduced it to me, I was immediately fascinated by the mental challenge of the game and possible monetary rewards. I started out playing $.05/$.10 Limit Hold'em, and quickly found success. However, during my time in college, I was too busy pursuing a career in finance and competing in Div. 1 tennis to study the game extensively.

I graduated from Columbia University in December 2007 and began my career in JPMorgan's Investment Bank working in Mortgage Backed Securities Trading. Then the "Great Recession" struck in the fall of '08, and I was given the option of moving to London with JPMorgan or going home to Canada. I decided to head back home to Vancouver and consider my options.

Once free from the daily grind of 12 to 16 hour days on Wall Street, I began to study poker in a more intense manner. Frustrated by the lack of control and low win rates in Limit Hold'em, which had been my primary game for years, I made a very important switch to NL Hold'em and have never looked back. The creativity and adjustments which NL Hold'em demands from a player were very appealing to me. Since 2009, I have averaged a winrate of 7bb/100 at 6max and full ring NL at stakes ranging from $.5/$1 up to $25/$50NL, with the majority of my play on 6max tables between $2/$4 and $5/$10NL. I have always preferred playing on European networks where I think the games are soft, and I focus on table selection in an attempt to keep variance to a minimum. While cash games provide a steady income, I also find tournaments to be a profitable venture and a welcome change of pace from the daily grind. I have played in hundreds of MTT's online and have nearly $100k in live tournament winnings.

In my coaching videos I will focus on providing a strong fundamental understanding of 6-max NL Hold'em, using creativity and aggression to remain in control of the game and, as a result, help reduce tilt. I will also explore more advanced concepts and show how to adjust your play based on our opponents' ranges. Regardless of whether you play a TAG or LAG style, there will be something for you.

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