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Stosh McConnell - aka "hatebicycles"

Poker Coach – Stosh McConnell

Stosh McConnell became interested in poker after seeing it on ESPN in late 2003. In college at the time, with little money at his dispense, he poured himself into studying the game to satisfy his poker cravings. After a solid year of reading up on the game, he was finally able to start playing online in the summer of 2004 when he saw an ad for a free $50 offer on Party Poker. Stosh grew that initial small amount slowly, moving up the cash game ranks without ever having to deposit a single cent of his own money. Since then, poker has been his sole source of income, and become a passion he truly enjoys.

He has been a solid winner at all limits starting with the microstakes NL cash games, all the way up to $5/$10 No-Limit, where he can often be found today. Stosh says his favorite limit has been $2/$4 NL 6-max, where he boasts an outstanding winrate of almost 4ptbb/100 over a large sample of hands. His unique style has always relied heavily on interpreting his opponents statistics. He excels at using this information, manipulating his own table image, and turning it into continued profit.

In 2009, his game really reached a new pinnacle after being personally tutored for months by online poker legend Dusty "Leatherass" Schmidt. Today, Stosh continues the slow climb through the online poker ranks with no end in sight. He is looked upon as a model of consistency in a world where long-term success is somewhat rare. Stosh has over 2 years experience coaching poker and we're excited to have him at DragTheBar.

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