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Charles Lei - aka "Rakes" (Inactive)

Poker Coach – Charles Lei

I started playing poker seven years ago in a $5 buy in sit-n-go home game with college students when I was sixteen. A combination of quick math skills, my competitive nature, and most importantly luck helped me dominate these casual games. Beating people four years older sure made me feel like a poker prodigy. I then bought Doyle's Super System and learned what a continuation bet was. Coincidentally, continuation betting was all I needed to beat the $2/$5 No-Limit cash game at a local casino. In my first two live sessions I made over 1.5k which swelled my poker ego. After a few more successful sessions, I began to assume that poker was a bottomless oil well and squandered my 3k of winnings on an ipod, a digital camera, and clothes among other things. In my next year I continued to play underage at the casino where I broke even.

During the same time, I deposited $50 online and turned it into $1,000 playing $.25/$.50 No-Limit with a $30 buy-in. Sometimes I would look at people playing $1-$2 NL and think to myself how much money I could make if only I had the bankroll to play that game. I cashed out most of my $1k and then deposited $200 at a time only to eventually end up losing it. I broke even online from 2005-2006 as well.

In my freshman year of college, I got in a huge fight with my mother. She complained that all I did was spend money so she was planning to cut me off. This lit a spark for me to start taking poker seriously. I subscribed to a training site, joined Two-Plus-Two, and began to improve quickly by watching videos and discussing hands with other players on the forums. I started with a $600 bankroll and rakeback on Absolute Poker and have been a winning player since then. I have never again had to ask my mom for a single penny. In addition to making extra spending money, I paid my way through college with my poker earnings.

After graduating this summer from UCLA in Economics, I originally had plans to pursue a Masters in Education to become a teacher because I've always had a passion for teaching. However, I still have a deep interest in poker and I feel like I have much more room to grow as a player. I've also done a significant amount of private poker coaching and really enjoy seeing my students develop into better players. My plan is to try out this "Pro Poker" thing for a year or two and see where that takes me.

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