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Arpi Toth - aka "Newb Guy" and "RTT314"

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My name is Arpi and I believe in something. I believe, that ANYBODY can learn how to be profitable in SNGs regardless of the experience level, intelligence level or math skills. When I first started out I had trouble with just memorizing the hand strength charts or the basic betting rules in poker. Bleh, it took me days to figure it out! Fast-forward 3 years and I just became worldwide first on the Sharkscope profit leaderboard for 9-10 man SNGs in the buyin range of $16-$35. My current lifetime profit is at $77,000 including rakeback. Three years ago i wouldn't have imagined anything even close to this.

I started coaching in 2011 and I've held around 150+ lessons throughout my career and so far I haven't gotten any complaints from my students. I like helping people in general so I always really enjoy the coaching sessions. I think the best method to learn the game is to fix thinking mistakes instead of fixing "leaks". In my experience leaks come from flawed thinking, so I focus on fixing your thinking errors instead of your leaks. After your thinking is on the right track your leaks will disappear automatically. I also think it is very important to have an interactive lesson where I listen to your opinions, ideas, and thinking methods as much as you listen to mines. This will create an "equal" atmosphere and will help me understand your ways of thinking in different situations.
I charge 100 dollars for a lesson. This includes:

- An aproximately 1 hour long preparation time (I take this time to review the topic/concept/hand history/live video which we will cover in the lesson itself)
- An aproximately 1 hour long lesson using screen-sharing software and Skype
- An aproximately 15 mintues long "ask me anything" warmdown after the lesson where we wrap up the things welearned
- A text file with short notes about the material learned what you can use to review the concepts learned before your sessions.
- Skype chat availabilty for questions regarding the topics covered for around 1 week

To book a lesson or to ask any questions send me a private message at the Drag The Bar forums. My username is RP [RP and a space]. For even more details, testimonials, infos, and extra contact details (e-mail address, skype) feel free to check out my website at

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