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Poker Coach – Ross Hartung

I am a 24 year-old professional poker player from Milwaukee, WI. I started playing poker at the play money tables and freerolls on Planet Poker in 2004 when I was only 17. Eventually I convinced my parents to let me use their credit card to make a real money deposit of $20 and I haven't looked back. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee with a degree in finance in 2008. While holding part time jobs during both high school and college, poker has always been my main source of income. While I play almost exclusively cash games, my most successful day as a poker player was when I won the Pokerstars VIP promotional freeroll tournament in 2008. The prize was $20,000 cash, entrance to the $5,000 WCOOP ME on pokerstars, and supernova elite status for 1 year. I feel that my strongest poker attributes are putting in many hours, playing a lot of tables and avoiding tilt.

Poker is a great job and I plan to continue to it for as long as I am able to beat the game for more money than I would make at a 9-5. About a year ago I purchased a condo in a suburb of Milwaukee and have also purchased two more investment properties since then to diversify a little, and I'm planning on purchasing another before the end of this year. My goal right now is to just play as much poker as I can and use the funds to add to my real estate portfolio. I'd like to have another stream of revenue that I can live off of should I run badly for a prolonged period or need a break from the game. If I am able to get to the point where the cash flow from my investments is able to pay for my living expenses I will consider spending less time on poker. I have never really traveled much but would like to someday visit several European countries and South America, specifically Argentina or Brazil.

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