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Dusty Schmidt has played nearly 7 million hands of online poker over more than 10,000 hours during his five-year career. He's won over million during that period, and has never experienced a losing month. In 2007, he achieved Poker Stars' SuperNova Elite status in just eight months while playing high-stakes cash games exclusively. Dusty posted the world's highest win rate in both $5/$10 NL and $10/$20 NL in both 2007 and 2008. In a four-month period between Nov. 2007 and Feb. 2008, he won in excess of $500,000 in high-stakes cash games.

Today he plays as high as $25/$50 NL, and after five years as an instructor with, he is now a lead instructor with

Dusty recently published his first book, Treat Your Poker Like A Business, which debuted to rave reviews worldwide and offers players his somewhat revolutionary perspective on turning their poker skills into significant revenue streams. The true story of Dusty's life, Raise, will be published later in 2010.

As a young man, Dusty was a top-ranked golfer. He broke two of Tiger Woods' junior records, and was the leading money winner on the Golden States Tour when, at age 23, he suffered a career-ending heart attack. Dusty returned to golf in 2009, winning medalist honors in qualifying for the Oregon Amateur Championship. Later that year, Dusty famously represented himself in federal court in his suit against the United States Golf Association, which controversially stripped him of his amateur status, in part due to his poker profession. Dusty is now a volunteer assistant coach for the University of Oregon's men's golf team, working under his good friend, head coach Casey Martin.

Dusty is also a successful entrepreneur. He is co-creator of Imagine Media, a publisher and distributor of non-fiction media, and the creator of, the first social network for golfers. His story has been featured in Sports Illustrated, Card Player, Bluff, Poker News, Golf Magazine, Fairways and Greens, Golf Week,Golf World and the Portland Oregonian, as well as on ESPN,,,,,, and, among many others. He recently founded the House of Cards Project, a philanthropic effort to provide food and shelter to disadvantaged families. Dusty lives in Portland, Ore., with his wife, Nicole, and daughter, Lennon.

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