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Poker Coach – Nicholas Jones

I first got interested in poker way back in the Rounders boom around 2000, and got hooked reading Super|System and playing with school friends. I dabbled a little online, in the early Party Poker years of 2002, as I worked as a website developer as my main profession. From around 2004 I considered poker and other forms of online gambling as a supplement to my income, but I never really cashed in on the mythical Moneymaker boom years of 2003-2005.

In the summer of June 2006 I packed it all up and went on a sailing trip with a friend, which lead us through Europe, Africa and South America. I disembarked for the final time in Argentina, with a little savings left to start a poker bankroll. From that summer of 2008 I have played poker as my sole profession.

I started playing my old game of online Sit & Go's, but soon gravitated to Limit Hold'em, specifically heads-up games. I was intrigued by the fast-paced action and mathematical approach I could bring to the game. For 2 years HU fixed limit was my main game, as I rose from $2/$4 up to $5/$10 and $10/$20. In the summer of 2010 I started adding short-handed 6-max to widen my choice of games. I also harnessed my inner geek to develop my own poker analysis tools, which are available free for others to use.

As of 2011 you will find me playing $5/$10 through to $15/$30 across a variety of sites. I have played at least 350,000 hands of heads-up, and around 150,000 hands of 6-max in my lifetime. I also started coaching in 2009 and found it a very rewarding experience, as I'm passionate about discussing, teaching and learning; I'm constantly reading and thinking strategy to learn more about our great game.

Along with studying the strategic aspects of LHE, I also work hard on getting myself in good games through site, game and table selection, as well as work on my mental game so I'm in a strong mental state whilst playing. I hope to use some of these strengths to bring some new perspective to my videos. I feel quite privileged to be asked to join the excellent stable of LHE coaches here at DragTheBar, and I look forward to helping you guys improve your minbet games!

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