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David Rowan - aka "HeyImDro"

Poker Coach – David Rowan

I'm twenty-two, I grew up in Alexandria, VA and went to school at Coastal Carolina University to pursue a degree in psychology. I worked hard for 1.5 semesters before deciding that poker was too good of an opportunity to pass up. So I moved home for a few months and then to Burlington, VT to harbor my interest in skiing along with my new-found career. I got a job teaching skiing part-time for a little extra stimulation and exercise, I loved that with the exception of being a bit of a corporate slave. At this point, I was playing mostly 6max cash on Full Tilt. I started out killing / No-Limit cash, but when I moved out I was blindsided by the impact of being financially independent and began moving down in stakes to make sure I was playing well and not risking too much.

I played as low as $.5/ NL before finding a good balance of risk/reward; thank you bankroll management skills! During this time I was also making the occasional trip to AC or Vegas with my fake ID and I started focusing on tournament poker after winning the Sunday Mulligan in September of 2007. I stayed in Burlington for a total of 2 years, alternating between teaching skiing and sailing seasonally, and then moved to South Lake Tahoe, CA, where I currently reside. I didn't teach skiing this year because I wanted to focus more on preparing for the WSOP by practicing MTTs online, and I also enrolled in two classes at the local CC: Microeconomics and Philosophy, again for a little added stimulation.

I have been making my way into the live poker arena slowly but surely. I played about 4 events at WSOPC-Rincon and came away with one final table, as well as one at the California State Poker Championship. I won the Jennifer Harman NSPCA charity event and I took down my first "real" live event here in Tahoe at the Sierra Poker Classic series. A $300 buyin and just under 60 players won me $4600. I also final tabled the 00 main event of that series, coming in 3rd after my AK fell to my opponent's A9. Playing live tournaments also provides great opportunities to travel and really helps break up the online grind, so I'm looking forward to playing more of them.

I'm now accepting private students, please see my coaching thread here for more information

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