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Eric Larson - aka "DiscoBisco"

Poker Coach – Eric Larson

Hey guys, my name is Eric and I've been playing poker for the past 6 years. I started out in college home games with friends, just $5 and $10 buy-ins with really cheap blinds that we'd play all night for fun. Once I realized I was better than most of my friends, I decided to try things out online where I started one-tabling $10NL on Pacific Poker. Over the next 2 years I slowly worked my way through the limits up to $1/$2 NL all while playing just one table. Eventually some of my friends told me about Full Tilt Poker where you can multi-table, so I moved over there to try it out.

I started out playing 4 tables at $50NL and gradually worked my way up to 12-16 tables. During this time I was also getting a Masters Degree in Statistics. Once I got out of college I got a job, but about a year ago I realized I could make more money playing poker than working. Since then I have been playing professionally and coaching students privately. My main game is Full Ring No-Limit Hold'em and I currently grind $1/$2 NL.

Coaching is great because not only do I get to help others make more at poker, but it also constantly helps me improve my game and sharpen my thought process as well. I have a passion for both playing poker and teaching poker, it always feels really good to see students improve their strategies and make more money for themselves. I play and teach a TAG style of roughly 16/12/3, which I've found to be extremely profitable in small stakes games. I also teach how to exploit the leaks of various player types. I'm very excited to have the opportunity to make videos for DragTheBar members and help them with their game.

My private coaching is available for $.5/$1 NL players and below. I do not have a specific coaching routine set up because every student has different needs. Some prefer to sweat, while others prefer hand history reviews. My preference is hand history reviews as I feel students get the most out of this for the time we spend together. However, the student is the boss and what they say goes. I also try to be as flexible with scheduling as possible. Please contact me either by private message in the forum, or by emailing me at DiscoBisco@dragthebar.com

Below are some testimonials from students.

"I've had a couple sessions with Eric the past few weeks, and I can say that he is very flexible with scheduling, and has a great poker mind. The rates he charges are not an arm/leg, but I believe you still get a great education. He does any method of teaching you wish, including HH Reviews, live sweats, video reviews, etc. I personally believe that HH Reviews are probably the best way to learn. He instills confidence within his students and helps you improve by picking out your leaks. His thought processes are spot on and definitely is a good coach for all levels between 25nl-100nl. Full Ring is his specialty, but his post flop skills are superb."

-DeckardCain on 2+2

I have had about 5 sessions w/ Disco now. He really helped me see the game properly, and why I should do what vs. different players. He's really good at explaining everything in great detail and makes things very clear. I would recommend Disco to any full ring player who's looking to improve their game.

-NatisFiniest on 2+2

"Had 6 sessions with DiscoBisco at 50NL and very happy with results. I was a very marginal winner at 50NL before coaching and am now doing very well at ~2.8BB over my last 60k hands. He teaches a solid robust TAG style that is very easy to adopt if you are a regular 2p2 TAGfish. He has really helped to improve my understanding of certain spots which come up often and are routinely misplayed by micro players. Graph is included below, started coaching around the 85k mark (where it starts to shoot up).

He's also a really easy going guy to get on with and is flexible with scheduling sessions. Very willing to rearrange when the need arises which I probably took a little bit too much advantage of. Especially given his current rates, I think I got a very good deal on these 6 hrs. I intend to purchase more sessions from DiscoBisco when I start shot taking at 100NL in the next 6 weeks or so."

-Perfection on 2+2

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