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Jeremy Menard - aka "Chipsteela" and "EndlessJ"

Poker Coach – Jeremy Menard
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I got into poker around the same time everyone else was getting into it, right after the Chris Moneymaker boom. During this time I was going to college and I would get together with a group of friends to play a small home game on the weekends. I was pretty terrible at first but it didn't take long for me to catch on, and when I get interested in something I strive to become good at it. I started playing freerolls on Party Poker and then decided that I should take a shot at playing with real money. I did alright at first, but found myself re-depositing repeatedly soon after. I then moved to Ultimate Bet and started playing low stakes Sit & Goes recreationally. I found that I was sucking less and less each day, and began building somewhat of a bankroll.

Around this time I started taking shots at the low level multi-table tournaments. It took a little bit of time adjusting to the differences in structures between the SNGs and MTTs, but during one very lucky week I managed to have a few good scores and win a trip to play in the Aruba Poker Classic all in a few days. From then on I was hooked.

After graduating college I moved down to Wilmington, NC in hopes of creating some connections in the skateboarding industry. I had been skateboarding since I was 12 and I really wanted to be able to do something in the business as my career. So I began working at a skateboard warehouse down there, and it didn't take long for me to realize how much I hated it. During this time I was playing more and more tournaments online and finally I won the Sunday Mulligan on Full Tilt Poker for a respectable k score. Over the next few weeks I continued to do well online, winning two $100 rebuys on Poker Stars in one weekend and also final tabling the prestigious Sunday Million. After these finishes I finally had some real money to play with, and I decided that I was done working a job I hated. That decision was over two years ago now, and poker is still treating me well. I've also won five Triple Crowns (3 wins on 3 sites in one week) throughout my tournament career, have won the Full Tilt Sunday Million, and have travelled to some incredible places and made some great friends.

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