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Cody Kaiser - aka "Bwammo" (Inactive)

Poker Coach – Cody Kaiser

I've been a professional poker player almost since the moment I began playing in late 2003. Making money without going anywhere or "doing anything" was basically my lifelong goal; when the idea of accomplishing such a feat was presented to me with poker, I jumped in head first. I read book after book (most of which were terrible back in 2003) and proceeded to move my way through the NLHE ranks from low stakes to mid-high stakes. Then I got bored, I switched to stud8, and 7 years later I'm now profitable at Hold'em (both NL and limit), PLO, stud8, stud, limit O8, and even 5-card draw. At one point or another, I've played cash games, SNGs, and MTTs all for a living.

Poker suits my personality VERY well. From a purely competitive standpoint, I've always been an intense observer, I refuse to limit myself to inside-the-box thinking, and I consider myself a master of estimation. My mental processes lead me down a path of counter-intelligence on the felt(using my estimation of opponents' knowledge against them) rather than sitting back and waiting for good cards and letting luck just happen to me.

The poker lifestyle, however, is what I truly relish about the game. I'm addicted to learning, especially about culture, so I've got a pretty nomadic lifestyle. With online poker being such a mobile source of income, it couldn't fit me better.

Here at DragTheBar I'll be making SNG content with a focus on MTT SNGs (such as 90 and 180-man games). I try to keep every video as entertaining as possible because I feel boredom and lack of attention span plague us all, and we can't have that interrupt your learning process.

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