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All of the DragTheBar poker coaches are winning players who offer a variety of poker strategies to improve your poker skills. It does not matter if you are a beginner with an interest in poker training, or an experienced player looking to increase your win rate. All of our content is recorded, so you can watch our library of poker videos again and again in our one-of-a-kind poker school.

Hunter Bick - aka "BeachJustice"

No-Limit Hold'em

Poker Coach – Hunter Bick

I started playing poker in 2004 during my last semester of college after a buddy showed me that you could play for real money on the internet. I had a slow start and lost multiple deposits in Sit & Go's and small stakes cash games on PokerRoom. Then, the summer after I graduated and shortly before starting my new job in corporate banking, I decided to get serious and bought a few poker books. I was tired of being a fish so I began spending all of my spare time at night studying and playing poker. After a couple months of beating $.5/$1 Limit Hold'em, I moved up to $2/$4 and $3/$6 where I stayed for a while before moving to learn No-Limit. Read More

Owen Gaines - aka "QTip" and "MamaCoolJ"

No-Limit Hold'em

Poker Coach – Owen Gaines

I was always a bit fascinated with poker and had read a small book or two on it long before I ever got a chance to try playing. Then one day in 2004, a friend told me about Party Poker and I created an account. I knew very little about it at that point, but I bought a book on Limit Hold'em, joined a poker forum, and began to work very hard on my game. I deposited $200 and lost that rather quickly in the $.50/$1 limit games, but I decided to give poker one more shot and that one stuck. I started to see the hard work pay off and worked up a nice bankroll for the $5/$10 limit games. Given my circumstances at that point, I felt that playing professionally was the best option since my poker hourly rate was double that of my 9 to 5 job. From there I played about a million hands of limit Hold'em and saw good results. Read More

Paul Ratchford - aka "Vulcans"

No-Limit Hold'em

Poker Coach – Paul Ratchford

I started playing poker in the summer of 2003 during my freshman year in college. After my brother introduced it to me, I was immediately fascinated by the mental challenge of the game and possible monetary rewards. I started out playing $.05/$.10 Limit Hold'em, and quickly found success. However, during my time in college, I was too busy pursuing a career in finance and competing in Div. 1 tennis to study the game extensively. Read More

Paul Hoppe - aka "GiantBuddha"

Limit Hold'em

Poker Coach – Paul Hoppe

Unlike most online poker professionals, I started playing seriously before the poker boom. When my friend began hosting a home game twice a week, I borrowed every poker book in the library. Before my first session, I read an 80 page primer that essentially said, "Play tight and aggressive. Bet when you have it; fold when you don't." That advice served me well. After cutting my teeth in a Dealer's Choice home game, I went on to play mid-stakes Limit Hold'em, Stud, Hi-Lo, and a wild and deep $5/$10 No Limit game. This was live poker, and the games were flush with money from the internet boom. Winning was easy. Read More


Nathan Williams - aka "Blackrain79"

No-Limit Hold'em

Poker Coach – Nathan W

I was a regular kid who grew up in the suburbs of Vancouver. I was highly competitive and obsessed with sports and games. I also loved video games as well and had dreams of becoming a professional Starcraft player. But by the age of 24 I still had no real direction in my life. I had just graduated from Simon Fraser University with a BA in History but I had no plan from there. Read More

Jade Lane - aka "Vigtastical" and "gaygambla"

No-Limit Hold'em

Poker Coach – Jade Lane

On April 22, 2004, shot twice, burned and bleeding I laid in the dirt near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. Pat Tillman, a platoon mate, and former NFL safety for the Arizona Cardinals laid less than 50 meters from me-dead. The medevac helicopters hovered overhead, I slipped in and out of shock and consciousness. Uncertain the severity of my wounds; having wild fantasies about my prognosis, one question kept creeping into my mind: What in the hell am I going to do now? Read More

Stosh McConnell - aka "hatebicycles"

No-Limit Hold'em

Poker Coach – Stosh McConnell

Stosh McConnell became interested in poker after seeing it on ESPN in late 2003. In college at the time, with little money at his dispense, he poured himself into studying the game to satisfy his poker cravings. After a solid year of reading up on the game, he was finally able to start playing online in the summer of 2004 when he saw an ad for a free $50 offer on Party Poker. Stosh grew that initial small amount slowly, moving up the cash game ranks without ever having to deposit a single cent of his own money. Since then, poker has been his sole source of income, and become a passion he truly enjoys. Read More

James Davis - aka "JamesD282" and "hellopuppy"

No-Limit Hold'em & Pot Limit Omaha

Poker Coach – James Davis

I first learned poker in 2003, when a friend from high school told me you could actually play poker for money on the internet. I struggled for a year before finally reading Hold'em Poker for Advanced Players, and then won a tournament for $3,000. I lost about $1,500 of that back before establishing myself as a winning Sit n' Go and limit Hold'em player. I played $5/$10 limit and $50 SNGs for 6 months before moving up to $10/$20 and $15/$30 limit. I didn't plan on playing poker for a living, but my college roommate talked me into taking a road trip to about 30 national parks right after we graduated. At that point, my then girlfriend still had a year of college, so I decided to wait another year before getting a "real" job. I played $15/$30 for about 8 months before moving into some of the highest games online at the time - $100/$200 to $300/$600 limit. I realized then that it would be in my best interest to stick with poker for a while. Read More

Dusty Schmidt - aka "Leatherass" (Inactive)

No-Limit Hold'em

Poker Coach – dusty schmidt

Dusty Schmidt has played nearly 7 million hands of online poker over more than 10,000 hours during his five-year career. He's won over million during that period, and has never experienced a losing month. In 2007, he achieved Poker Stars' SuperNova Elite status in just eight months while playing high-stakes cash games exclusively. Dusty posted the world's highest win rate in both $5/$10 NL and $10/$20 NL in both 2007 and 2008. In a four-month period between Nov. 2007 and Feb. 2008, he won in excess of $500,000 in high-stakes cash games. Read More


Matt Bolt - aka "mbolt1" (Inactive)

No-Limit Hold'em

Poker Coach – Matt Bolt

I graduated in Dec. 2005 from Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC, with a degree in management. I finished college on a Saturday and started work for my stepdad's roofing company in Simpsonville on Monday. It was a great job by most any standard. But I found myself jealous of friends who had far worse jobs than mine, because they'd earned the positions themselves. Read More

Ross Hartung - aka "Milwaukee2" (Inactive)

No-Limit Hold'em

Poker Coach – Ross Hartung

I am a 24 year-old professional poker player from Milwaukee, WI. I started playing poker at the play money tables and freerolls on Planet Poker in 2004 when I was only 17. Eventually I convinced my parents to let me use their credit card to make a real money deposit of $20 and I haven't looked back. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee with a degree in finance in 2008. While holding part time jobs during both high school and college, poker has always been my main source of income. While I play almost exclusively cash games, my most successful day as a poker player was when I won the Pokerstars VIP promotional freeroll tournament in 2008. The prize was $20,000 cash, entrance to the $5,000 WCOOP ME on pokerstars, and supernova elite status for 1 year. I feel that my strongest poker attributes are putting in many hours, playing a lot of tables and avoiding tilt. Read More

Bill Robertie


Poker Coach – Bill Robertie

Bill Robertie has spent his life playing and writing about chess, backgammon, and poker. While attending Harvard he became a chess master and helped the team win several intercollegiate titles. After graduating he won a number of chess tournaments, including the United States Championship at speed chess in 1970. He also established a reputation at blindfold chess, giving exhibitions on as many as eight boards simultaneously. In 1976 he switched from chess to backgammon, becoming one of the top players in the world. His major titles include the World Championship in Monte Carlo in 1983 and 1987, the Black & White Championship in Boston in 1979, the Las Vegas tournaments in 1980 and 2001, the Bahamas Pro-Am in 1993, and the Istanbul World Open in 1994. Read More

Ian Gordon - aka "IggyMcfly" (Guest Coach)

Pot-Limit Omaha

Poker Coach –

I've been playing poker professionally since the beginning of 2006. I realized that I was making more money from poker than I was likely to make from a potential career in astrophysics, so I dropped out of school to play poker full-time. I played a number of games seriously that year, but focused mainly on Limit Hold'em. I was doing well in the $30/$60 games for a while but after the UIGEA passed, I found the LHE games were starting to dry up so I transitioned to Pot-Limit Omaha. I've been playing PLO as my main game since early 2007 and have a solid win rate at stakes varying from $1/$2 through $10/$20. Read More

Gareth Allen - aka "sledghammer"

Limit Hold'em

Poker Coach –

While studying statistics at Cal - Poly San Luis Obispo in 2004, a Read More

Dustin Cook - aka "La Peste" and "dcook77"

Limit Hold'em

Poker Coach – dustin cook

I started playing poker somewhere around 2000. In my first couple of sessions playing 7-Card Stud in Las Vegas I didn't do too well. I talked to a guy next to me, and he was nice enough to give me a little advice... "try to only play good hands". He also told me that when he comes to Las Vegas he was usually able to pay for the vacation through playing poker. This was enough to get it through to me that poker was a beatable game and I set out to figure out how to do just that. Read More

Emil Andersson - aka "darkhorse"

Limit Hold'em

Poker Coach – Emil Jonsson

I started playing poker late 2005. I had seen it on TV and one day my friends suggested we start up our own game. I was working in film and theatre at the time and it was the psychology of poker which first attracted me to the game. Read More

Christopher Keenan - aka "casy151" and "preachercasy151"

Sit & Goes

Poker Coach –

Three years ago, I found myself living in my parents' house, flat broke. After the break-up of my full-time band (yet another 'near miss' story) I needed to make some money or go work in the local Spar. Fortunately, I had $75 in a long-forgotten Pacific Poker account. After a summer of reading Harrington, grinding the $5 20-man Turbos (a goldmine back then!) and binking a couple of MTTs, I made the switch to Full Tilt 6-Max Turbo Sit & Goes. Read More

Katie Dozier - aka "hotjenny314"

Multi-Table and Sit & Go Tournaments

Poker Coach –

Katie started playing poker in home games during college at Florida State University, where she majored in creative writing. After college, she moved to Washington, DC and went to a professional French culinary school while she continued to hone her poker skills with the help of her husband Collin Moshman. Realizing that life in the kitchen left a lot to be desired, she abandoned her chef's knife and took hold of a computer mouse to play online poker for a living. Read More

Greg Jones - aka "zerosum79"

Sit & Goes

Poker Coach – Greg Jones

My poker playing career began as a graduate student pursuing his PhD in Electrical Engineering. Graduate school in a complex degree can be stressful and monotonous in the extreme, so one night when a friend invited me to play poker at a local home game I was thrilled for the excuse to blow off homework. As a career student my first thought was, "I need to go get a book and learn how this game works." Although the first book I got was worthless, the second book I read was Sklansky's "Theory of Poker." I quickly found 2+2 publishing on line and when our weekly games petered out I was already looking into online play. Read More

Arpi Toth - aka "Newb Guy" and "RTT314"


Poker Coach –

My name is Arpi and I believe in something. I believe, that ANYBODY can learn how to be profitable in SNGs regardless of the experience level, intelligence level or math skills. When I first started out I had trouble with just memorizing the hand strength charts or the basic betting rules in poker. Bleh, it took me days to figure it out! Fast-forward 3 years and I just became worldwide first on the Sharkscope profit leaderboard for 9-10 man SNGs in the buyin range of $16-$35. My current lifetime profit is at $77,000 including rakeback. Three years ago i wouldn't have imagined anything even close to this. Read More

Jeremy Menard - aka "Chipsteela" and "EndlessJ"

Multi-Table Tournaments

Poker Coach – Jeremy Menard

I got into poker around the same time everyone else was getting into it, right after the Chris Moneymaker boom. During this time I was going to college and I would get together with a group of friends to play a small home game on the weekends. I was pretty terrible at first but it didn't take long for me to catch on, and when I get interested in something I strive to become good at it. I started playing freerolls on Party Poker and then decided that I should take a shot at playing with real money. I did alright at first, but found myself re-depositing repeatedly soon after. I then moved to Ultimate Bet and started playing low stakes Sit & Goes recreationally. I found that I was sucking less and less each day, and began building somewhat of a bankroll. Read More

Al McClenahan - aka "md261"

Sit & Goes

Poker Coach –

Al has one of the highest SNG ROI's on PokerStars and has thousands of hours of poker coaching under his belt. In 2011, he was in the top 15 on six different PokerStars SNG leaderboards. His specialties are 6-max turbos and HU SNGs and he'll be a fantastic addition to our Sit & Go team. Read More

David Rowan - aka "HeyImDro"

Multi-Table Tournaments

Poker Coach – David Rowan

I'm twenty-two, I grew up in Alexandria, VA and went to school at Coastal Carolina University to pursue a degree in psychology. I worked hard for 1.5 semesters before deciding that poker was too good of an opportunity to pass up. So I moved home for a few months and then to Burlington, VT to harbor my interest in skiing along with my new-found career. I got a job teaching skiing part-time for a little extra stimulation and exercise, I loved that with the exception of being a bit of a corporate slave. At this point, I was playing mostly 6max cash on Full Tilt. I started out killing / No-Limit cash, but when I moved out I was blindsided by the impact of being financially independent and began moving down in stakes to make sure I was playing well and not risking too much. Read More

Adam Sherman - aka "Squee451" (Inactive)

Multi-Table Tournaments

Poker Coach – adam Sherman

I got into poker after playing Magic The Gathering competitively. I've always been a very competitive person and at the age of 15, I noticed top magic players appearing on TV poker tournaments. It was then I decided to make the switch to poker. I played poker part-time for 5 years alternating between Limit Hold'em and multi-table tournaments (MTTs). I won a few small scores in some $20 and $10 rebuy tournaments playing part time, but didn't make enough to consider myself a professional. When I played cash, I was making about $20 an hour at $3/$6 limit. After college that changed. Read More

Brent Sheirbon - aka "El Rubio"

Multi-Table Tournaments

Poker Coach – Brent Sheirbon

I started my professional career as an IT Consultant with Accenture in 1997. In the summer of 2003, I was working in Hyderabad, India opening an offshore development center for my client Microsoft. After a year of 70-80 hour weeks toiling in India to climb the corporate ladder, I was very susceptible to the dream of the "Moneymaker Boom," which I witnessed on TV. In 2004, despite the great success and growth of the India development center, I came back to find that others whom had sacrificed much less were being rewarded and promoted ahead of me. With the poker boom in full swing and my growing disillusionment with "working for the man," I started to really focus on the game. Read More

Nick Jones - aka "Hood" (Inactive)

Limit Hold'em

Poker Coach – Nicholas Jones

I first got interested in poker way back in the Rounders boom around 2000, and got hooked reading Super|System and playing with school friends. I dabbled a little online, in the early Party Poker years of 2002, as I worked as a website developer as my main profession. From around 2004 I considered poker and other forms of online gambling as a supplement to my income, but I never really cashed in on the mythical Moneymaker boom years of 2003-2005. Read More

Cody Kaiser - aka "Bwammo" (Inactive)

Sit & Goes

Poker Coach – Cody Kaiser

I've been a professional poker player almost since the moment I began playing in late 2003. Making money without going anywhere or "doing anything" was basically my lifelong goal; when the idea of accomplishing such a feat was presented to me with poker, I jumped in head first. I read book after book (most of which were terrible back in 2003) and proceeded to move my way through the NLHE ranks from low stakes to mid-high stakes. Then I got bored, I switched to stud8, and 7 years later I'm now profitable at Hold'em (both NL and limit), PLO, stud8, stud, limit O8, and even 5-card draw. At one point or another, I've played cash games, SNGs, and MTTs all for a living. Read More

James Romero - aka "boardrider68" (Inactive)

Sit & Goes

Poker Coach – James Romero

Hey guys, I'm really excited to get started coaching here at DragTheBar. I'm going to give you a brief description of what I'm like and how I found poker. I play SNG's on Pokerstars and have had some great success, running at a 46% ROI across all forms of SNGs. I spend a lot of time dissecting the game and really trying to break boundaries that haven't been broken before. Understanding how the game evolves and the different trends that develop allows me to constantly change my play style to crush opponents. Read More

Charles Lei - aka "Rakes" (Inactive)

Sit & Goes

Poker Coach – Charles Lei

I started playing poker seven years ago in a $5 buy in sit-n-go home game with college students when I was sixteen. A combination of quick math skills, my competitive nature, and most importantly luck helped me dominate these casual games. Beating people four years older sure made me feel like a poker prodigy. I then bought Doyle's Super System and learned what a continuation bet was. Coincidentally, continuation betting was all I needed to beat the $2/$5 No-Limit cash game at a local casino. In my first two live sessions I made over 1.5k which swelled my poker ego. After a few more successful sessions, I began to assume that poker was a bottomless oil well and squandered my 3k of winnings on an ipod, a digital camera, and clothes among other things. In my next year I continued to play underage at the casino where I broke even. Read More

Jared Tendler

Mental Game

Poker Coach – Jared Tendler

Jared Tendler, M.S. was a mental game coach for golfers on the PGA and LPGA tours before he became the leading mental game expert in poker. He now coaches some of the top players in poker and over 150 other professionals from 25 countries. His groundbreaking methods have also helped thousands of other players through training videos, articles, and forum Q & A's. He writes monthly instructional articles for WPT Magazine and Poker Pro Europe, and is a regular contributor on the CashPlays Podcast with Jeremiah Smith. Read More

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Drag The Bar's coaches make training videos in a variety of formats. Our poker coaches produce poker videos for No-Limit Hold'em, Pot-Limit Omaha, Limit Hold'em, multi-table tournaments and sit n' go tournaments. These videos are available in different formats, including delayed commentary, powerpoint lesson style videos, and recorded live play videos. Drag The Bar is also the only poker training site to offer backgammon videos, taught by backgammon world champion and Harrington on Hold'em co-author Bill Robertie. We encourage our members to use our private poker forums and tournament poker forums to interact with our Team of professionals and ask them questions about their videos.