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  • Tuesday

    TURNING PRO - Hourly Only

    By preachercasy151

    NLHE - $26

    Turning pro isn't as simple as just playing a lot of poker. In this new series, Christy runs you through some of the tricks of the trade that will give your professionalism a boost. Part one sees Christy discuss the concept of Hourly - the most important consideration for the poker pro. He shares with you one of his tips to get the hourly rate up and running from the word go!

  • Wednesday

    2015 The State of Online Poker

    By Vulcans


    2014 was a tough year for poker and the environment is going to continue to be challenging going forward. I discuss what you need to know and how you can adapt in these difficult times. I also chat a bit about the PokerStars merger and should you be playing at PokerStars following the rake increase.

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It is obvious that all the coaches here are really knowledgable and more importantly, really friendly and approachable. I have no doubt anyone who joins will make their money back and quite a bit more on top (as long as they listen to the advice of course).


I was a member of other training sites in the past. From what I've seen in 2012, this seems to be one of the best - and def the most friendly - training site out there!


I really have learned so much from this site, all the coaches have really done a great job. Thanks for all the help!


I've been here 2 yrs and have 'dabbled' with other sites and yet I always return here. Why? I'd rather have 1 good response than 5 one sentence answer's (often sarcastic). Plus if you make a video it'll possibly get reviewed for free.


The videos are excellent. I went from cash games to SNGs in August and was winning immediately...Keep up the good work guys.


This is a very friendly community and I know many of the coaches here who have helped my game tremendously.


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