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    Default Forum Update - Post suggestions here

    All -We've completed a major upgrade for the forum graphically and smoothed out much of the functionality. If you see anything else that needs adjusting, please post it here for us.

    I'd like to give a wholehearted thanks to Veteran. He's a very accomplished IT guy who generously volunteered his time to help with the project, and DTB is much better for it.


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    Default Re: Forum Update - Post suggestions here

    Yes please, tell us what you think! I'm still tweaking bits here and there as we find them out of whack. But overall I think the forum is looking much better than it has been for the past few weeks.

    For now this will be the default theme. Once the dust settles and we're happy with how things are, we'll look at adding another theme that will still be dark overall but with lighter (dark text on light background) elements, like in the post body.

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    Default Re: Forum Update - Post suggestions here

    BTW, just in case some people are still seeing the old black & red DTB theme, perhaps because you had selected it in your profile or something, the upgrade we're talking about is a new theme called "TwistedDark Red - Fluid" that you can select from the bottom of the forum page. It's been set as the default for new members but it's possible established members may be stuck on the old one. I'll probably be disabling the old one completely now that we seem to have most of the kinks worked out of the new one, which should force everyone over.

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    Default Re: Forum Update - Post suggestions here

    I am away on holiday this week so I have not had a chance to try and break it properly yet but I will be straight onto it when I get back.

    First impressions is that it is fantastic. I am really impressed. Thanks Veteran you have done a great job. I will be letting you know what I find as I go along.

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    Default Re: Forum Update - Post suggestions here

    I'm digging it. Thanks for the great work here
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    Default Re: Forum Update - Post suggestions here

    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to say that I truly enjoy the new set up you got. Definitely appreciate the work you guys put into it. Well done!




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