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    Default hud setup for MTT ( beginners mode ,-))) )

    Hey i just signed up here, i really like this training site, as it has such different topics. I am mainly a sng amateur grinder, and wanna get better in MTT, as i just finished coaching for 18-man turbos. I now want to delve more into MTT.

    (Also tx to Jared who's book i have bought 2 months ago, otherwise i would be incapable to even play bigger MTT'S)

    So my question is if there any specific videos or forum posts about starting to use a hud for MTT play,as i didnt directly found some here.

    For my 18-mans i use vpip/pre raise/nr hands, as i do nore alot and know most regs that play 18-mans thats ok,... but for MTT i have no idee wich extra stats i could use.

    Any help would be great ,-))) Great site here btw, thinking this will be one i stay quit a while with.

    Regards, Matthias.

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    Default Re: hud setup for MTT ( beginners mode ,-))) )

    Hi Matthias,

    Welcome to DTB - we're pleased to have you here and are glad that you like it

    I've found the following video which might be what you're looking for:

    (if the link doesn't work then search in the videos section for videos by Adam Sherman - aka "Squee451". This one is called "Introduction to Hold'em Manager: From Buenos Aires")

    Hope this helps

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    Default Re: hud setup for MTT ( beginners mode ,-))) )

    hey tx for the help,... regards




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