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Thread: PBJ-chart MTT?

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    Default PBJ-chart MTT?


    I have been using the PBJ-chart that Zerosum79 showed in his ABC SNG series for 9man turbo. But I donīt really know how to adjust it for MTTs or if it needs to be adjusted at all? I play on micro stakes if that is important.

    So if anybody have adjusted their chart for MTT then I would be really glad to get helped with my chart. Or if Zerosum79 would explain how it works

    Yours, Ryllben

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    Default Re: PBJ-chart MTT?

    There should be settings in SNG Wiz to make it into more man games.
    There are already a lot of presets built in for 45-90-180 etc.
    Just a simple matter of putting it in ;-)
    Hope this helps Ryllben.

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    Ah so if I got this correct, I should build a new pbj-chart but this time setting the table format to like 45-mans instead of 9man?

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    Now I have set the format to 45-mans and I have done the UTG part of the chart.

    But What I can see is that you need to tighten up a much larger part in the 45-mans than the 9-mans. I just want to write an exempel and see if you guys would think this is good or bad as hell.


    UTG 7-6 5BB, Push= 66+AT+A9s+KJs+


    UTG 8-9 5BB, Push= 99+, AQ+ AJs+

    I know that you need to be more careful on the 45 mans but this seems extremely tight. I just whonder if I can use the 9man push ranges on the 45 mans? Because I think anybody here on the forum would like to push 66 UTG with only 5 BB left? And not wait for 99+.

    By the way, I have the correct chip count so thats not wrong.

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    is this UTG 7&6 players and UTG 8&9 players?
    If so the more people you have to get through, the tighter wiz will say you have to be.

    also UTG with 5bb you can definately look at -ev shoves, as you have the blind next hand, but on the downside others will know you are near panic mode, and likely to spaz out with a wider range, so you will get looked up lighter as well.

    happy dayz

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    Okay thanks!

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    Just one more question that I have to figure out .

    Should I mark both chip equity mode and graphic game view? IF I only mark like the chip equity mode then wizz looks all weird.

    And If I use the chip equity mode, then what edge should I use?

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    i wanted tp ask a question about this topic. i too play mostly 9 man s n g's but occasionally play 45 or 90 man games. until we reach the final table shouldnt all our pushes be based on chip ev and not dollar ev ( icm). the farther away from the money you are the more liberal you should be pushing correct ? so if anything the pbj chart would be loosened until we reach the final table ?




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