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    Default Should I have pushed this hand.


    This is first post looking for some feedback on this hand. Was down to the last 3 in satellite for 1 ticket for $215 for the Pacific Rim Special on poker stars. 2 & 3 win $50. Player 9 was stealing blinds and raising hard pre flop on a lot of suited and drawing hands. Player 3 is playing tight.

    I had around 33 big blinds left, was playing loose as I needed to chip up b4 I reached the final table then I tighten up a bit. Had folded the last 3 hands and b4 that when to show down with AA and AJ and won.

    Seat 1 is the button
    Seat 1: Hero ( $655000.00 USD ) - VPIP:43, PFR: 23, 3B: 9, AF: 4.0, Hands:48
    Seat 3: Player3 ( $429737.00 USD ) - VPIP: 31, PFR: 0, 3B: 0, AF: 0.9, Hands: 48
    Seat 9: Player9 ( $661263.00 USD ) - VPIP: 32, PFR: 19, 3B: 19, AF: 1.5, Hands: 75
    Hero posts ante of [$2000.00 USD].
    Player3 posts ante of [$2000.00 USD].
    Player9 posts ante of [$2000.00 USD].
    Player3 posts small blind [$10000.00 USD].
    Player9 posts big blind [$20000.00 USD].

    ** Dealing down cards **
    Dealt to Hero [ 8 8 ]
    Hero raises [$653000.00 USD] ALL IN
    Player3 folds
    Player9 calls [$633000.00 USD]
    ** Dealing Flop ** [ K, 2, T ]
    ** Dealing Turn ** [ Q ]
    ** Dealing River ** [ 6 ]
    Player9 shows [A, J ]
    Hero shows [8, 8 ]
    Player9 wins $1322000.00 USD from main pot

    And I was eliminated from the tournament. Should I have pushed this hand all in as I did or should I have went for a mini raise.

    Would appreciate your feedback if any.

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    Default Re: Should I have pushed this hand.

    given player 9's aggro-ish tendencies, why not just min raise and then 4bet jam after he 3bets? You're too deep here to just open shove imo. I would expect player 9 to 3bet a fair amount here given his stats and the preflop aggressiveness you mention. So you raise to like, 2 or 2.5bb, he 3bets to 8 or 9bb, you jam. That's a great scenario for you. I mean, he's likely going to call anyway given it's 3 handed and he showed up with AJ, but you got the money in on the right side of the flip. You're just going to take the hand away with more bb's in your pocket if you play it by raising smaller and then jamming over his potential (or likely) 3bet

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    Default Re: Should I have pushed this hand.

    I played a hand the other night almost same situation.

    SB is chip leader(55/45 - 30% 3bet) has been raising every other hand took out two players with A20 and K4s.

    I am in 3rd or 4th place with 11 left.

    My thoughts... His 3 bet shove range is WIDE, His call range against my shove will be considerably tighter. Also the BB is a tight player (10/4 - 0) and if he ships I think I would talk myself into a fold (my button open range is wide but when I raise into the LAG chip leader in sb Think it makes my range tighter and would tighten his 3bet range.

    So IMO, playing it this way allows me to play against a wider range against sb(maybe against only 1 over) and lets me fold when BB has a hand. While this doesnt change the cards he has I think it will show a bigger profit than open shoving 99 here.

    $6500Guaranteed - FT bubble

    <game id="43243883-251" starttime="20111109025200" $6,500 Guaranteed - 2 Rebuys # 1 Addon



    player seat="0" GoodVibes88= $125196.00
    player seat="2" greenmanplay= $73072.00
    player seat="4" theactor2683= $59621.00
    player seat="5" Mushmaster23= $116232.00
    player seat="6" DTB4FREE4ME= $156993.00
    player seat="7" andinista420=$236825.00"

    ANTE ="600.00"
    player="7"=$3000.00 SB

    PREFLOP" sequence="2">
    "FOLD" player="2"
    "FOLD" player="4"
    "FOLD" player="5"
    "RAISE" player="6" $13250.00
    "ALL_IN" player="7" $236825.00
    "FOLD" player="0

    "ALL_IN" player="6" $143743.00
    "SHOW" player="6" 9h,9c
    "SHOW" player="7" Js,Ks

    "CHAT" DTB4FREE4ME "nh gl"

    "COMMUNITY" cards="7d,Th,Kc,2c,Ah"

    "CHAT" DTB4FREE4ME" "gg"

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    Default Re: Should I have pushed this hand.

    original post is sick situation imo.

    we are 30 odd bbs deep and sharing the lead and have 88s on the BTN, BB is our joint leader who is aggro pre. WOW nasty nasty nasty.

    -Shoving is wrong imo. SB only calling super tight as he is not short and BB is only calling with a flip at worst as he is aggro. he is never calling A7 here or lower pockets. So shove is bad.
    -Raise/jam seems weak we should be confident of our post flop play. 33bb deep we can raise/call - although you have not mentioned his typical 3B size.

    I have to say I am struggling to choose best line here, really wish you had not posted the results of the hand as that is not helping me either. The fact he called a shove of his own stack size with AJ is poor what is he expecting you to open shove. He is either crushed or as it happened on the wrong side of a flip. anyway,

    This has to be a raise 2.25-2.5bb if he 3B to say 5-7bb call and reassess post flop as we are IP.





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