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    So who does everyone like this week?

    Also, I think a good discussion would be where to bet and how you have been treated in regards to support and payouts at your favorite site! I'm sure we could get a site rep or two in here if we had enough support for it.

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    too late for picks (tho i went 4/5 in my bets this week) but i don't place a bet anywhere without first comparing prices to PINNACLESPORTS.COM. often they have the same line but the prices offered there are just unbelievable. THINNEST MARGINS anywhere.

    so if ur gonna bet sports def set up an account with them so u can shop around for the best price (more recreational sportsbooks like bodog are a rip imo except when u are betting a major underdog cuz they have to adjust for the hype-following joes).


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    Football has been so crazy this year, its prolly better to save your bets for next season LOL!! But when i used to bet i used, i used to only bet MLB games, but last season i went to put some bets on my STL cardinals and it was blocked for US players, haven't tried since the middle of last summer, but i'm pretty sure its still blocked.

    At pinnaclesports, is it a betting site or just a comparison of the other sites that do place bets? I will have to check it out, oh also i guess is it open to US traffic?

    enjoy the playoffs if its anything like the regular season it should at the very least be entertaining!!




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